Tenants information

Rent payment

As stated in your contract, we should receive the rent before or latest at the first day of the month. Take the processing time of the bank into account.

Cash payment will only be allowed by exception. In such a case, a €11,00 administration fee will be charged.

In case you don’t want any worries about the payment of your rent, you can authorize us for a preauthorized credit. You can do so by requesting a authorization form. That way, the rent will be withdrawn from your bank account at the first business day of the week. A sufficient balance is required.

Payment issues
It may happen that you are unable to pay the rent in time. In such situations, we urgently request you contact immediately instead of waiting for collection letters. The sooner we are aware of your situation, the better we can work towards a solution together.


When you’re living together with your partner, you can request co-renting for him/her. Your partner is automatically co-renting in case of marriage or registered partnership.

Is that not the case? Then the following conditions apply:

  • – The aspirant has been living with the main tenant in the property for at least two years and they form a stable household together.
  • – The request cannot be intended to let the aspirant be the sole tenant in a short-term period.
  • – The aspirant should have sufficient credit rating to fulfil payment obligations.

To grant such a request, you will need to show copies of official documents (marriage certificate, extract of the ‘Gemeentelijke basisadministratie’, payslip, etc.). Occupants who cannot (yet) fulfil the requirements will be considered co-occupants.


Alas, nuisance caused by neighbours may happen. Fortunately, many sources of nuisance can be prevented. We’d like to inform you about which steps to take in case of nuisance and how you can avoid causing it.

Contract termination

In case you would like to terminate your contract, you need to take the notice period into account. Usually this is one calendar month. Notification of termination should always be done in writing and the letter should be signed by all (co-) tenants. Clearly state the date of termination, your old and new address, as well as your phone number.

Officially you’re required to send it by registered mail, but we don’t deem this to be necessary. We will always confirm your termination in writing; if you don’t receive this letter within a couple of days, contact us immediately.

Upon the termination we will make an appointment with you for a provisional inspection. Together we will review the property to see if there is any damage that needs repair, with reference to your deposit. We will also discuss with you possibilities for potential viewings by new tenants and list any items you may wish new tenants to take over.

Termination of co-renting
In case a co-tenant terminates the rent and the main tenant stays in the property (or the other way around), the leaving party should send the letter of termination. In case he or she fails to do so, he or she will still be registered. This means that he or she will be considered responsible even after departure.

Tenants Costs

Hereby we give you an overview of administration costs in case of requesting certain documents:

Copy of agreement                                         €  15,00
Copy of rent increase                                      €   10,00
Copy of termination confirmation                  €   15,00
Copy of inspection report                               €   10,00
Rental statement                                             €     7,50
Overview rent payments                                 €   15,00

In addition, the tenant needs to pay for these additional items:

Additional keys for porch door                       €  45,00
Change of nameplate                                     €  15,00
Boiler tubeset                                                  €  20,00
Copy of boiler installation manual                  €  15,00